About Porlt

Porlt is a crowd-sourced delivery service that operates on a “take as you go, bring when you come” principle. Anyone can become a carrier and handle deliveries as they go. Whether you are travelling as a commercial driver, private car owner, a passenger with public transport, or as a bike rider, you can deliver packages that are heading towards your destination and get paid.

You can make interstate and intra-state deliveries.

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Cashless Payment
High Security
Geo Location
Tracking System

How it Works For Sender

We deliver parcels for small, medium, and big businesses as well as for individuals. Wherever your parcels is going, Porlt delivers...

How it Works For Carrier

Partner with Porlt. Be part of our story. Make deliveries and earn money on the move. Experience freedom!

Frequently Asked Questions

Download and register on the Porlt app. After registration, our support team will review your profile, verify your identity, approved and activate your account so that you can start earning. For delivery jobs, please switch as a carrier on the App (Touch of blue and gray background).
At Porlt you can make deliveries whenever you are travelling or at any time you wish for intra-state deliveries. You only pick cargos in the app whenever you are ready to make deliveries. Our platform is open for operation 24/7. You might see a cargo in the app 30 minutes to 1 week prior to pick-up date/time
No, a car is not a requirement. You can make deliveries by using public transports.
Each delivery has a set delivery reward; this is the amount that the carrier gets. You can withdraw your earning any time from the App.
Clients request a delivery and make payment on the app. Carriers choose suitable cargos in the application. The carrier picks up the delivery and delivers it to its final destination.

Porlt enables all businesses and individuals to post cargos for delivery. By indicating the bus park nearest to you, carrier/traveler(s) taking off from the same bus park would be able to accept to deliver the cargo(s).

The sender and receiver are required to meet the traveler at the indicated bus park to hand over and receive the cargo(s).

Porlt allows users to switch roles. For example, a sender can switch to a carrier when embarking on a journey and vice versa.

As a Porlt Carrier, you select the delivery that you can transport and deliver the package(s) to the selected destination/address (es).

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