About Us.

Porlt is a company that leverages technology to solve inter-state and intra-state logistics issues.

Our Story

Our story begins with our everyday lives. On a daily basis, millions of people, professional drivers both commercial and private car owners, and passengers travel from one destination to another for different purposes. On the other hand, businesses, as well as individuals, have the ever-rising need to send lightweight and heavy cargos across different locations.

We came up with a solution that benefits us all: PORLT. PORLT allows businesses and individuals to send and receive goods by connecting them to carriers.

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide seamless logistics operations using modern technology. We aim to build a network of frequent travelers across all the states of Nigeria and through their movements provide fastster than express delivery and reliable service which in turn offers the opportunity for earnings while traveling.


PORLT is a Nigerian startup with a single goal: we want to revolutionize logistics services by making it easy, cheap and green.

Why choose PORLT?

Reasons To choose PORLT


Preserving the environment is one of the cornerstones of our operations. We don’t build huge central warehouses; neither do we own big trucks, instead our carriers’ moves using existing road transportation network system either with private or public vehicles. In this way, we put less strain on the street scene and the environment.


PORLT delivery services are cheaper than the industry price. Interstate delivery services are almost the same price irrespective of the destination. Our delivery services will remain affordable as the price will not be increased by storage or other additional costs.


We guarantee same day delivery service to most destinations. We do not store packages between shipments and the optimization of transport routes is handled through a virtual transport arrangement. For this reason, we can offer parcel shipments from the sender directly to the recipient, sometimes within hours.